Ha Inn Aparts (Kalkan)

This house complex has been constructed in Kalkan on a 360m2 foundation area out of a land area of 1800m2.  The concept of typical Mediterranean terraced houses, formed by the natural elevation in Kalkan has been realised successfully by means of forward and backward porticos and differing floor heights. It was an initial drawback that the land, being in the town centre but at the back, does not allow much of a clear sea view except from the top floors. We think we have successfully compensated for this by providing a very lush garden with tropical plants and a large swimming pool.

Architect Erdal DURAN

“I am very grateful to architect Mr Erdal Duran, who has been the designer of such beautiful house, which I am proud of and enjoy living in. This is a great chance for the local culture and people. I think he is a very good leading architecture with his creativity and architectural knowledge.”