Hogan Villa (Kalkan)

This building is set in a dominant position on a relatively high hillside in Kalkan with splendid panoramic views of the town and Kalkan bay. Because of this, all the internal space is designed to maximise the views.  Features like single-corner columns and white-washed outer facades draw together the best elements of modern and traditional architecture to produce a calm feeling for the house.

Architect Erdal DURAN

“If you are thinking about buying a property in Kalkan and would like to maximize your investment think about buying land and building your dream villa. I did this and I now have a unique property which has proved to be a good investment. The process proved to be problem free due to the care and attention that Need Company took when designing and building the property Need Company provide a comprehensive service – allocation of land, all legal procedures, architecture plans, control of all building, etc. The joy of working this way is that you are able to input as little or as much as you want on design concepts for your home. You can choose the type of windows you would like,the tiles for your pool,the kitchen etc. or you can leave that all to them.
I was not living on site when the building was in progress-I was supplied up-dates with detailed information on a regular basis.The completion date for the villa was met even though I did not think that it would be due to the bad winter weather towards. I have lived in my villa now for almost three years,and am happy with all aspects of the property.”
Kathleen HOGAN