Melissa House (Kalkan – Sarıbelen Village)

My approach to the design concept for this village house reflects my love of nature and my respect for the natural environment and traditional architecture. We used the traditional materials of wood and stone for the exterior. For the interior, although the materials used respond to the requirements of modern life, we have remained loyal to traditional decorative features and architecture.

Architect Erdal DURAN

“ This is absolutely the first example and the only house built in Turkish country house design. A very good combination of cedar wood and local limestone. I am very pleased to have such a house in my villag and am very thankful to Mr Erdal Duran in achieving such project and all his help throughout the construction. I strongly recommend him to anybody who would consider to develop such a project.Words fail me! It is best to go and visit the villa itself located in Saribelen Village located about 15km away from Kalkan on the Taurus Mountains.”