Design Philosophy

“A building not only belongs to people who are using it, but also humanity, environment, society and future. For this reason, aesthetic values and the needs of coming generations, geography of the region and the culture of the society should be considered along with client’s wishes. Our design philosophy is therefore to provide our clients with functional interior solutions whilst adding value to the environment with external forms.”
Architect Erdal DURAN

Villa Toros (Kalkan)

This building was originally designed for the couple Halit and Gülsen Ergör, who are both theatre actors. For this reason the design is spacious and high-ceilinged with a gallery floor to create a theatrical atmosphere inside the building and tall, dramatic windows on the façade facing Kalkan Bay provide a natural scenic backcloth.

Ha Inn Aparts (Kalkan)

This house complex has been constructed in Kalkan on a 360m2 foundation area out of a land area of 1800m2.  The concept of typical Mediterranean terraced houses, formed by the natural elevation in Kalkan has been realised successfully by means of forward…

Villa Jocri (Kalkan)

This construction is located above the Kalkan hills among olive trees. In the design the trees were retained to help create an effect of the trees growing around the pool and above the pool level. We intended to achieve a commanding view over the olive trees to enable the breath-taking views to be drawn into the building.

Springer House (Kalkan)

The main inspiration for this building has been the typical Mediterranean terraced houses. Therefore, we decided on pulling back the balconies into the line of the building rather than having overhanging ones. By putting in stone floors, we have also made an aesthetic connection with the traditional Kalkan stone houses.

Nortons Residence (Kaş)

This construction is located above the sea on the Cukurbag peninsula, and presents a modest Mediterranean exterior. However, the interior tells a different story, with a spacious, almost 9 metre high ceiling rising above the lower living room to provide a comfortable living area.

Villa Mancho (Kaş Peninsula)
Villa Mancho (Kaş)

In the construction of this villa on the Kas Peninsula it was not particularly easy to realise the design. This was because the building legislation for the peninsula is inclined towards Ottoman-Turkish architecture, which is more of a “Kitsch” application and not typical Mediterranean traditional architecture.

Bjork Residence (Kaş)

Another villa, next to Villa Mancho again owned by a Danish client – was designed during the same period of time.

Danish Residence (Kalkan)

 This construction was designed for a Danish family who wanted a contrast in this home to their normal indoor life in a colder climate.  Therefore,  the concept  for  their  house  was  inspired  by  the  idea  of  living in a spacious environment allowing plenty of light and drawing the views from outside into the interiors.

Yalı Han Shopping Center (Kalkan)

This construction is located on the street where the new Kalkan bus station is situated. When completed, it will be the largest commercial building in the town, with 2500m2 of land and 1000m2 of enclosed areas on each level. The construction provides for offices on the first floor and shops on the ground floor, which make it likely to become the focal point of the town.

Melissa House (Kalkan – Sarıbelen Village)

My approach to the design concept for this village house reflects my love of nature and my respect for the natural environment and traditional architecture. We used the traditional materials of wood and stone for the exterior.

Hogan Villa (Kalkan)

This building is set in a dominant position on a relatively high hillside in Kalkan with splendid panoramic views of the town and Kalkan bay. Because of this, all the internal space is designed to maximise the views.

Likya Residence Hotel Spa (Kalkan)

This boutique hotel is situated above the old quarry, with the best bay view in Kalkan. Because the ground is on an incline, we have broken up the steepness by terracing the storeys in both the east-west and south-north directions.

Villa Mirage (Kalkan)
Patio Homes (Kalkan)
Samira Garden Villas (Kalkan)
Villa Dat (Kaş)
Kaş Peninsula 4 Villa – Meis Side (Kaş)
Kalamar White Dream (Kalkan)
Avlu Ev - Courtyard House
Courtyard House 2015-2016 (Kalkan)
Villa Manor (Kalkan)
Mr. Norton’s Project – Kas Peninsula