Villa Mancho (Kaş)

In the construction of this villa on the Kas Peninsula it was not particularly easy to realise the design. This was because the building legislation for the peninsula is inclined towards Ottoman-Turkish architecture, which is more of a “Kitsch” application and not typical Mediterranean traditional architecture. Despite the legislation, I was able to include plain, simple lines, traditional white-washed exteriors, spacious interiors with a gallery, an open façade and an infinity swimming pool. These features reflect what our Danish clients wished to have, since they craved maximum light and tranquil sea views.

Architect Erdal DURAN

Villa Mancho (Kaş Peninsula)

“Our wishes around the house was to get an architectonical light and clean look with many small corners where to find sun or shadow. Inside is the house very simple and functions very well. A very nice and special house to live in and with thank you Erdal.”