We are a family-run company, who has signed its name on some of the most remarkable projects Kalkan and Kas regions have seen since 1996.


Although our firm name, ‘’NEED COMPANY‘’, might seem a bit peculiar, it is actually an acronym of the founding members’ names; Nilgün, Ergun, and Erdal Duran.

Our Team Works for You. Since 1996


Erdal Duran is our firm’s architect, and he meticulously works with design, construction, and other projects personally.

Nilgün Duran, who happens to be an agriculture engineer, also is the head of our firm’s accounting, estimates, and financial affairs.

Ergun Duran himself, on the other hand, is a landscape designer, and he mainly runs the firm's real estate, marketing, business, public relations, and publicity departments.

Known for its private projects, its courageous advances, and always being a pioneer in design, our firm is the creator of over a hundred projects in both Kalkan and Kas regions.

Our Principles


Since the establishment of our company, and due to our long experience in the field, we have tried our best to focus on the high quality of work and aesthetics. We have consistently achieved results we are proud of by ensuring that we establish strong personal and professional ties with our clients.

  • Originality: We help our clients realize their custom-built projects by combining their needs and priorities with our design and architectural skills.
  • Legality: We are happy to provide consultancy on all legal aspects and formalities in Turkey with regard to our projects.
  • Quality: We pride ourselves on using top-quality materials and workmanship in all our constructions.
  • Stability: All our constructions are carried out in accordance with earthquake standards set by state-inspection bodies.
  • Reliability: In all our contractual agreements, we pay maximum attention to completing our projects according to schedule and to ensure that all our clients are satisfied.
  • Respect: In our design and construction we demonstrate maximum respect for history, the environment, and nature.

ERDAL DURAN                                             ERGUN DURAN                                           NILGUN DURAN

GENERAL PARTNER                                            GENERAL PARTNER                                          GENERAL PARTNER

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